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Bloomington Beauty Bootcamp

Girls Love Beauty, Hair, Make Up and Fashion- but often they are given the wrong message that they may not ever measure up.


The Bloomington Beauty Bootcamp program is designed to be informative: teaching the girls new skills, increasing their value an giving the message its OK to be themselves, that they are already beautiful, unique and wonderful inside and out!!


We aim to shape confident Teen and Tween age girls (9-12 and 13-15yrs) to overcome low self worth by imparting self confidence and discipline that will encourage a belief in themselves. Seeing themselves beautiful will position them at an advantage for the rest of their beautiful lives.


The purpose of the bootcamp is to give the girls a greater belief in themselves, to do more and be more, to make better choices and of course to be happy about who they are. We want them to see themselves as beautiful.  Together our team of expert presenters have a real heart for these girls!  

Week 1: Hair Care & Styling:  A licensed hair stylist will give the girls lots of tips for caring for their hair including using the correct products for their hair type, how to get their hair truly clean and healthy, and finally how to style their hair without causing unnecessary damage. She will demonstrate up to three different hair styles and then allow the girls to practice the styles as she answers any questions and corrects any incorrect techniques that she may see.


Week 2:  Skin Care & Makeup:  A licensed aesthetician will teach them that a great make up application starts with good skin care. She will not only demonstrate correct process, but will also walk the girls through a facial and appropriate makeup application for their age. She will also send the girls home with a few samples as well as a detailed list of age appropriate products to try.


Week 3:  Health, Nutrition & Fitness:  We will enjoyed a variety of healthy foods while listening to a registered dietitian and fitness instructor give a presentation.  She will explained how to have a balanced diet, good eating habits and exercise habits.  She'll be sure to explain how much water and sleep they need each day as well and the importance of having a positive mindset in regards to our bodies. She will walk the girls through an assortment of exercises appropriate for their age, explain all the different forms of exercise and encourage them to find a style of exercise that they enjoy.


Week 4:  Fashion, Style & Presentation:  A fashion expert will visit with the girls about age appropriate dressing as well as teach the girls how to accessories their outfits properly.  Finally we will wrap things up with fashion show and head shots taken by our salon photographer.   Each girl will be sent home with a group of new, like minded friends, contact information for all the expert presenters and an amazing swag bags filled with goodies from various sponsors of the event. ($100 value) They will be encouraged to reach out if they have any beauty, styling or health/fitness questions or just need advise!

This 4 Session Beauty Bootcamp will be held every Monday in July! 

(drinks and snacks provided)

9:00-12:00       ages 9-12

1:00-4:00         ages 13-15

Cost for all four Sessions:   $300

Choose the ones that work for your schedule: $85 each 

Spots are limited!  

$100 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot

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