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Girls Rock Dance Party

Put on A Show at Our Kid Salon & Spa 


Are you ready to release your inner pop star?  You can do just that and so much more at Bloomington Salon. We are a salon, spa, and party space that can make all your birthday wishes come true.  We offer children’s birthday parties that will make you feel like a pop star.  One of our most popular themes is our Girls Rock! Jam session and DANCE.PARTY.  This is the perfect option for girls who love to sing, dance, and dress like their favorite pop stars.  As this is best for girls who aren’t too shy to be the center of attention!


It’s Time to Take Center Stage


You see them on TV—now it’s time to live the dream yourself. When you choose our Girls Rock DANCE.PARTY, you will be the star of your own show. Complete with a Pop Star makeover, Karaoke and a dance party like no other!  You’ll feel like you’re up on a stage just like your favorite Pop Star. Surrounded by your closest friends, you’ll sing, dance, giggle, and happily scream through the performances of your favorite songs.

A Special Experience


We are committed to making your birthday one you will never forget. We also want to make sure the experience is unrivaled from the very beginning.


  • The moment you walk into the salon in your favorite rock n roll attire, we will treat you like the star you truly are. We’ll create an environment that is both enjoyable and inspiring for you and all your guests. 

  • Your Pop Star hair styling session complete with 4 colored feather or hair extension strands of your choice 

  • Followed by your Pop Star makeup application 

  • Our salon Paparazzi will make sure to catch every detail on camera!

  • After gifts, food and beverage are enjoyed...

  • The real party begins as the light are turned down, disco ball activated and music turned up as the birthday girl and her guests take the stage for the ultimate DANCE.PARTY!!! 

(Suggested for ages 7-14)

Cost: $399 for up to 10 guests, max. 16
Additional guests $20/person

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