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Create Touchable Texture

Any hairstylist will agree, achieving a perfect style comes from first having healthy hair. Hair that is nourished, free from split ends, and hydrated shows off colour more brilliantly and styles exponentially better. Therefore, the key to creating touchable texture lies first in caring for your hair. From regular cuts to caring for your colour and using quality products to cleanse and protect your strands – these elements all work together to achieve a seamless style. Keep reading to learn more about our favourite product picks for your texture.


While curly girls often think that straight hair is the easiest, this can sometimes be farthest from the truth. Each hair type has its own set of challenges and with straight hair, most individuals have a hard time creating and keeping a curl and adding volume to their style.

Cutting Tips:

If you are looking to create texture within straight hair it is best to start with the cut. Adding in layers and texturising the ends will create shattered texture within your straight hair.

Colour Recs:

Babylights or an all over wash of colour are the best picks for straight hair to avoid harsh lines.

Product Picks:

When it comes to styling, you will want to pick up FULL.AGAIN to prep hair before blow drying and BEDROOM.HAIR to finish. This lightweight texturiser will instantly enhance your finished look adding volume and movement while still being able to run your fingers through your hair!


Wavy hair is a great in-between texture to have — it can either go straighter or curlier with a blowout or a styling wand. The challenge here lies in getting your style to stay with the ever-changing weather. Many times achieving a style can be easy, but keeping it proves challenging.

Cutting Tips:

If you have naturally wavy hair, you can easily pull off a surplus of styles. From lobs to shags and long layers, the styling spirits will be on your side. While you’ll want to remove some weight to allow for movement, removing too much can create a wispy look that will make your style appear thin.

Colour Recs:

Wavy hair pairs perfectly with balayage and lived-in looks. Whether adding highlights to accentuate natural shades or adding a dash of colour like colour lights, this is the perfect canvas.  

Product Picks:

With more natural texture also comes more damage from heat styling so you’ll want to be sure to pick up HEATED.DEFENSE to add to your regimen. If you like to wash and wear your hair, we recommend HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY or KILLER.WAVES.


While natural texture will always be on-trend, we’ve been seeing more and more finished styles popping up everywhere. Curly hair is absolutely stunning but it can prove defiant when it comes to getting a straight style and keeping the frizz at bay.

Cutting Tips:

Curly hair requires the right amount of weight to ensure it falls properly. If hair is always worn curly, you’ll want to cut it while curly as well. The biggest problem you’ll see with curls is fighting frizz and creating curl definition.

Colour Recs:

Due to the fact that curly hair can already be very high-maintenance, you’ll want to pick a low-maintenance colour routine. Balayage is the best way to add colour to curly strands. It will evenly blend without showing lines of demarcation as it grows.

Product Picks:

Hydration is the first key to getting great curls. Start off in the shower with HYDRATE-ME.WASH and RINSE and follow up with a weekly deep conditioning treatment like HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE to prep. Then apply STAYING.ALIVE and KILLER.CURLS on cleansed hair to treat and define curls.

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