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Let’s face it, changing your hair color, or trying a new stylist for that matter is never easy. If you’ve ever felt like it takes a long time to find a stylist that really gets you, you’re not alone, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Whether you’ve moved cities or simply thought you should try something new, there is a process of trust that needs to be built up between you and your stylist. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to have multiple appointments before getting the style of your dreams. However, no matter how much you trust your stylist, there’s always a risk involved when coloring your hair. A change in medication to a shift in your hormones can greatly alter your beauty routine and that has nothing do with your stylist, their formulation, or their ability. So what should you do when you look in the mirror post-blow-dry, only to be absolutely mortified by your new shade? Don’t panic! Here, no-fail tips for coping with a dye job gone wrong. 

Tip #1: Don’t freak out 

As tempting as it may be to cuss out your stylist, don’t! Getting angry won’t fix the situation and may prevent your stylist from understanding the issue at hand. Instead, take a breath (count to 10 if necessary) and calmly collect your thoughts. 

Tip #2: Specifically point out the things you don’t like

Rather than simply say, “I hate my hair,” explain to your colorist what you don't like about the color in as much detail as possible. Is the color too light? Too dark? Too warm? Too cool? Be specific so you’re able to get your message across. 

Tip #3: Give your stylist a chance to correct their work

Most stylists don’t want their clients to leave the salon unhappy, especially when a negative review can dissuade potential clients from coming in. Chances are, your stylist will be apologetic and ready and willing to do whatever possible to fix his or her mistakes. 

Tip #4: Accept your options

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to achieve your desired shade after a color mishap. Listen to your stylist’s recommendations on what to do next, whether it’s going darker, toning, getting a deep cleansing, etc. If you’re truly unhappy with the alternatives, thank your stylist for his or her work, then ask to speak with the manager. The manager may have more experience and can provide more insight, or, at least can offer a different stylist or a discount. 

Tip #5: Learn from the experience 

While most of the responsibility falls on the stylist, it’s important to recognize any ways that you could have gotten your message across more clearly. For example, did you bring a picture of the exact shade you hoped to achieve or did you just tell the stylist what you wanted? Realizing how you may have contributed to the miscommunication can help you better explain what you want the next time you go to the salon. 

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